6-14 Fall 2018 – Spring 2019


6-14 Years Old

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    By Selecting this I understand that the Hustisford Soccer Club (Sinissippi Recreation) does not supply Accident or Health Insurance for its participants. I will not hold the Soccer club, volunteer coaches, players, drivers or referees liable for injuries or accidents which could occur to my child during any soccer related activity.



Volunteer Information:

Volunteers are what make our club successful. If you are able to volunteer for any of the jobs listed on the registration form a summary is listed below of what the work entails.


Hustisford Soccer Volunteer Work:



The coach will be in charge of the team. Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up the practice schedule and team rules.
  • Contacting the team members and distributing all schedules and information needed by team members.
  • Delegating jobs to assistants or parents interesting in helping, or doing the jobs themselves.
  • Running practices and attending games.
  • Attending all required coaches training.


Asst. Coach:

           The asst. coach’s responsibilities include:

  • Attending practices & games and assisting head coach with jobs as needed.
  • Attend coaches training if possible.


Concession Director : In Charge of putting together concession workers

                   schedule, contacting workers , keeping schedule updated,

                   opening and closing stand each week or finding someone who can open and

                   close the stand for them.. Keeping track of inventory and placing

                     orders for supply items. All Children of Concession Director play for no


Concession Stand:

  • Working at the stand at least once in fall and once in spring per child.
  • Workers are scheduled either before or after their child plays a home game.
  • Those with more than one child playing may have to work more than one time per season depending on the need.
  • Those who do not fulfill their obligation will be charged the Non Volunteer rate.


Work at Soccer Dance:

  • The Fall Dance will be held on Saturday, October 17th . You will be required to work in the kitchen or at the door for 2 hours. Also if we do have an adult dance in winter or spring you will be asked to work 2 hours in spring also.


Field Maintenance:

  • Start of the Fall & Spring season Maintenance includes – Helping layout and mark fields, cleaning out stand and bathrooms, setting up tables and garbage cans.


  • End of the Fall & Spring season Maintenance includes – Helping put markers on fields, cleaning out stand and bathrooms, putting away tables and garbage cans.


Bathroom Custodian:

  • Will be in charge of cleaning and emptying the garbage in the bathroom. A cleaning schedule will be given out depending on how many Custodian Volunteers have signed up.